Fauquier County Bahá’ís

Fauquier County Bahá’í Community, the members of the Bahá’í community that are located within the county of Fauquier work within the collective community of the Blueridge Bahá’í Cluster, which covers several counties and cities within the region, and enjoy hosting and participating in several Bahá’í and non-Bahá’í community activities. We answer questions concerning the Bahá’í Faith, we have and/or join in GameNight, Book Club, Devotionals, Firesides, Feasts, and many, many more activities. For the time being as all of our activities are coordinated with the Cluster to allow local Bahá’ís to enjoy all the Cluster has to offer. We work, volunteer, and socialize as a Cluster. Meaning our full activities are announced, posted, and planned within the Blueridge Bahá’í Cluster website

But as we act in concert with the Cluster and surrounding communities; we also direct where we, the residents of the county would like to see our community grow. And we are growing! So, come join us. Bahá’í, Friends of the Faith, Seeker, or simply a resident of the County of Fauquier, we invite you one and all to join us as we seek to be as active in the community as life itself!

Steeped in equestrian tradition, and surrounded by wineries and vineyards, today Fauquier County is known for being at the heart of hunt and wine country. Famous for its horse farms and beautiful rolling land at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Fauquier offers contrast as both a natural haven and gateway to bustling Northern Virginia and the D.C. Metropolitan Area. Dating back to the 17th century and the beginnings of our country, the area we now know as Fauquier County was listed in 1608 as part of the Northern Neck of the Colony of Virginia by Captain John Smith, explorer and leader of the Jamestowne Colony. Named after Francis Fauquier, Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of Virginia from 1758 to 1768, Fauquier County was founded from a section of land previously considered Prince William County.